Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fans Update!!

The fans are driving me crazy! They are loud and IN THE WAY!!
Breakfast Nook!

These are either side of the Living Room!
The Kitchen the worst, but in the pictures you cant tell what you are looking at!
Anyways, I was really at my wits end and I was pretty much just staying upstairs to avoid the NOISE and cramped feeling.
Then I remembered - God will never put more on me than I can bear. (1 Cor 10:13)
And no sooner than I remembered this the phone rang, guess who it was??
Service Master!!!!
They were coming to pick up the FANS!! Yippy!

These are the ones that left!
This isn't all of the fans, but still... I'm glad they are taking some!
That means the walls and floors are drying out!
Thank You Lord!
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