Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekend Fun W/ Amy & Abby!

This weekend we decided to go visit my Grandfather - Pop-Pop C!

It has been too long since we have gotten to see him, so we decided to head to Orlando and check out his new place! Amy and Abby decided to come too.
We had the kids bring their costumes to show Pop-Pop!

They were sooo cute!
And no family gathering is complete without MUSIC!!
The kids both sang & played for everyone.

Aunt Jane kept requesting Christmas music, which was cracking me up, and SHOW Tunes!! (Which my kids don't really know too much of!)

Overall it was a GREAT VISIT!! Pop didn't take a nap before we got there and so our 2 hour visit wore him OUT!! He was Exhausted when it was time for us to go!

After hanging out with Pop & Aunt Janie, we decided to head over to Sea World and check out their Halloween Spooktakular!

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