Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bowling with Anaia & Samantha

Right before we left Italy we decided to go Bowling with Samantha & Anaia. It sure was Hillarious watching Anaia!!
Isn't that face just precious?

Anaia was facinated by the bowling balls. She kept trying to pick them up!

I loved when she said to Sam, "I hold it. I do! I try. Please..."
I dont know how Sam kept a straight face. It was sooo cute!

 She  loved pushing the ball down...
 and picking the ball up...

We had a BLAST!!

Here is Anaia doing it by herself!

I even did a little dance which earned me a STRIKE!!
And then another strike...
and then a spare!!
We were SHOCKED!! I was just playing around joking that my dance would help me win the game and then....

We miss them ALREADY!!

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