Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Garden and Quilting Update!

I love my Yard! I love all of the space, room, green. I would like there to be more green, but it is a process. I love sitting here...
 and looking out over the yard.
I love to read here, listen & watch the birds, and I love to do school with Sissy here! I love our porch.
That was a HUGE selling feature for this home!
I love my home!

Here are some new pictures of my lil' garden!
It is looking sooooo good!
This week I added some spinach and I transplanted some of my starters. Lets hope they all make it!

This little tree isn't so little.
It is about 8 ft tall right now and is my newest addition to my YARD BORDER!!
I can't stand my neighbors yucky yard!
This weekend I added three of these Sweet Vibernums!
I now have a steady line of them!

This is my newest update to my rose garden.
I plan on expanding this area also, but so far I only have 4 1/2 rose bushes in the back yard.
I say a half because one got mowed over by the mower guy and I am hoping that it comes back!

Look what I found? This little fella is growing upstairs on my balcony. I forgot that I still had a plant up there to be transfered into my garden, but not its too late! Its already got a green pepper on it!

Process Pledge:
I pledge to show you the process of my quilts not just the finished products.

This is definately a work in process.  I saw something similar in a quilting magazine and decided to use up some of my scraps, so...
I am going to make this into - Something! Not sure yet how it will end up!

This is some fabric that I am about to start cutting up! This will be a Christmas Present for one of my nephews! I haven't decided exactly which pattern to use yet, so it is still out in my sewing room reminding me to "Work on Me!"

This is a quilt top that I just finished!  This will be for a special Nephew of mine! Can you tell what the boys will be getting for Christmas??
Last year was some of the girls and this year will be some of the boys.
I have too many neices and nephews to make everyone a quilt in the same year.

I am so thrilled to have finished quilting this one.
I am sure many people can relate to that "phew, its done" feeling.
Now all I have to do is add the binding!

A quick look at the backing!

And that folks is an update!
That is what I am up to date on. I won't even attempt to show you all of my "inspirations".
I hope I get some of these Christmas Presents finished soon so I can work on some - Me Quilts!
I wonder when that will happen??
Maybe after I start and then eventually finish Stephen's new quilt that he just told me that he wants.
Last night Stephen decided that he too needs a new quilt. He told me what colors he wants and even what style and BLOCKS that he wants his quilt made of. He told me what kind of quilting he wanted too! Isnt that cute?? I just LOVED every second of it! I am sooo glad that he wants me to make him a quilt! I love my kids sooo much!

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