Monday, October 24, 2011

Our Hiking Field Trip!

Sissy and I went on a Hiking Field Trip this week with The Scarberry's!
It was tons of fun!
We went hiking at Wekiva River Run!

The weather was PERFECT!! The kids looked for animal tracks all day! We found TONS!

Kyle picked a wild flower to his Mom...Look what was hiding on the stem!

The View was GREAT!

These trees are growing together.
Isn't that cool?

I thought this cactus growing out of the fallen tree was sooo neat! Life out of death.

The kids had to climb a couple of trees!

This butterfly was HUGE!
It was probably 5-6 inches across!

This is a field of wildflowers.Isn't it pretty?

More tree climbing! Even I joined in the fun on this one!

Bear Tracks

More Bear Tracks

Racoon Tracks

Alyssa being a "country girl"!
We hiked for almost 3 hrs. It was GREAT!
God's Creation is so Amazing!
I love being outside during this time of the year!
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