Monday, October 24, 2011

Process Pledge!

I only have a few quilts "in Process" right now!
This is a Scrap Quilt that I am working on! It is totally scrappy, except for each block will have a purple square in it!

Lisa and I had our First Sewing Day in 4 months on Friday!!
This is what I worked on:
I made some cute "Kid" Winter Hats!

And I pieced this quilt top on Friday!
It came together REALLY quick.
Its not finished, but I finished 90% of it! I only need to add the finishing borders!
My sewing is really helping me. It is hard not talking to Detto on a regular basis and sewing is really helping me keep my mind busy!
I am so blessed to have a sewing room and a best friend to sew with!
Thank You Lord for all of my blessings!

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