Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mushroom Festival In Maniago, Italy

We went and checked out the 35th Annual Mushroom Festival in Maniago

I had never seen poisonous mushrooms before!

This one grew between these rocks!

I knew there were different kinds, but these blew my mind!

They also had a plant show there.
They were showing TONS of different types of plants...

This is an Olive tree that they have made into a bonsai tree.

I love how they put all of the different plants in WINE bottles! Isn't that sooo Italian??

We had this vine growing near our home when I was a kid.

Don't they look like they are having a blast?? hee hee hee

I loved this flower!

And this one!
Overall it was very cool. Even though it was hard to read the names, because they were ALL IN ITALIAN, so we guessed what they were!
Something else that I found interesting was that they weren't selling any plants, just showing you what they had! In America it would have been a FESTIVAL... AKA food, drink, shirts, plants, etc. FOR SALE!
But in Italy it was more Informational!!
I enjoyed it!
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