Thursday, October 13, 2011

Science Projects & Garden Update

This year Alyssa is LOVING her Science!
Today she did an experiement on water....
Which is heavier Cold or Hot Water???
She put hot water in the container.

Then she added blue food coloring.
Then she put ice water in a paper cup (Thank You Nana for the cups!)
...and put Yellow food coloring in it!

Then she poked a hole in the bottom of the paper cup and added the cold water to the hot water.

You cant tell from the picture but it was obvious which water was heavier because of the color difference. The top of the container stayed blue and the bottom turned yellow and then Green as the waters mixed.

 Then we switched it and watched the hot water stay at the top of the container as she added it.

She guessed Hot water was heavier, but then she found out that cold water is heavier! I am loving that she was able to SEE the results! It really was a fun and EASY science experiment. She recorded the whole thing in her notebook!!

Also, all of this rain has been GREAT!!
Look at my garden...
These are my little bitty Green Peppers!

My Lettuce is getting HUGE!!
It has Quadrupled in size since it was planted!

 This is my Squash. I just planted these seeds 2 weeks ago!!

And these are my tomato plants! They are BLOOMING, which means I will soon have little red tomato's!! I cant wait!
This garden has been GREAT!!
I am just about to start the next part of it! I have been reading about rotation planting.
The point of that is so that everthing isn't ready all at once. It keeps you from wasting your harvest!

So far, so good! Also, the weeds have been minimal.
I am LOVING my raised bed! It makes it easier to pull the weeds too!

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