Thursday, July 9, 2015

Quilting Update

I have been cranking out some longarm quilting!
I decided that it was time to finish my Underground Railroad quilt!
I love my longarm! 

This is a quilt that was made by our churches sewing group for the orphans.

The top was not completed, so I finished it up and then pieced a backing! I did a fun all-over loop pattern. 
I used high loft batting to make it really fluffy!

This lovely has been hanging in my closet for way too long. These blocks are from different block swaps that I did with the online Quilting Board. I love how they are all so different. 
Some of these were blocks that Lisa and I made. I call of these Orphan Blocks because they were not designated towards any specific project! I love the final border on this quilt. I think it really tied it all together. I decided that I am going to keep this one! 

Then came the quilt that I made for MYSELF!! These were all blocks that I wanted to sample, so I made them to match this sewing panel. 


I LOVE how the quilting turned out!This quilt is PERFECT!! 

So cute!!

I decided that this quilt top needed some more borders, but which colors do I go with??

Not sure yet.

Then I decided to quilt my Jim Shore one that I made back in January while we were at Liberty Univ. in Virginia!

I did custom quilting, so each part is different. 

It takes more time, but I love the finished product! 

I love how the log cabins turned out! 

The back.
I sure do love quilting! 

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