Thursday, July 23, 2015

Alyssa Update ~ Christmas Vacation 2014

Alyssa sang at the Church Christmas Concert!

She did a GREAT Job!!
I love Florida!! 

We went to walk around Historic Winter Garden...

Alyssa decided that this was a great oportunity to run through the water fountain!! 

We saw the coolest thing...

There was a donut maker!!

We got to watch the whole process!

Then we got to eat some freshly made (right before our eyes) DONUTS!! 

The BABY is so cute! 

Alexander is growing so fast! 

He sure does love his Aunt Sissy! 

And She is in love too! 

Addisson came by to hang out with Sissy over Christmas Vacation!

We had so much fun playing Aggrivation!These two are very competitive, but there is no comparision to this old pro....

Mommy keeps winning and Sissy isn't too pleased! 

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