Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Christmas Morning 2014

This Christmas was very very different! 
The kids woke up at a regular time, not at 4am, but around 8am. 

They slowly made their way into the living room to see what was under the tree.

They took turns opening gifts and commenting on each others presents.

Thankfully, they were still happy and excited.

Stephen got music equipment!! 

Detto kept us all laughing as his silly jokes!

Look a studio microphone!

Alyssa was thrilled to get TONS of gift cards!

Yippy Starbucks!

Look at me guys!I got coffee for Christmas!

So cute!

My kids are a blessing! I love them so much! 
I am so glad that I get to spend time with them on Christmas morning. 
More Christmas to come!

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