Monday, July 13, 2015

Quilting Update & Life

I am still working on the Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt!

It is nice to work on, but not all at once.
It will be completed someday! 

Guess what??I earned my trip to Hawaii!! 

This is my Quilt for Alex.I bought the fabrics while Detto and I were in Texas and I am designing the quilt. 
I want it to be a Giraffe quilt! 

Our family also helped with the Backpacks for the Haiti kids!

We boxed up over 600 backpacks that Noni & Pop-pop will take to the different villages and orphanages in Haiti!

Here is another update in my "Wishes" QAL!! 

I love these blocks. The fabrics were given to me by a wonderful woman in the church.


A different block comes out each month, but I am not staying caught up. So, I end up doing two or three at a time. They are on block 6 while I'm on #4!

The Detto Doll still makes his appearances now and then.Whenever he goes away and I really miss him, Mr. Army Doll comes out to keep me company!

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