Sunday, July 19, 2015

Christmas Vacation Trip to Sea World

Since Detto is teaching we all get a nice Christmas Vacation that we can spend together! 

Alyssa is thrilled about it! LOL

We headed to Sea World for the day!I'm so glad that Sea World gives us one day free every year for our entire family! 
What a blessing!

My kids are so funny!

I love this group of crazies! 

They can't be serious for even one photo, but I love it!

We stood in line for only a few rides and shows, but mostly we walked on to everything all day...Well they did.I mostly sat and watched every one's stuff while they rode the rides. 


My favorite part of Sea World is the shows.

We also got to see the penguins, but they were very stinky and dirty this time. 

They seemed happy though. I hope they like it at Sea World!

God is such an awesome creator, look at everything that he made.WOW

I love the decorations.

We even got to see the Shamu show.
It sure has changed over the years.


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