Monday, July 13, 2015

Halloween & Racoons

We discovered some baby racoons in the palm tree outside of Stephen's windown!! 

The adult racoon's have been causing lots of trouble in our neighborhood lately...and now we know why!

I guess feeding three babies is quite difficult!

Pumpkin Carving is a much anticipated event around here! 

Alyssa's skills have definitely improved over the years! 

Jack Skellington! 

Abby came to the Fall Festival with us! 

Abby was a Princess,

Amy was a butterfly,
Detto was Shrek and I was Princess Fiona!

Alyssa and Gabby were 50's girls!
I love that our church has a Fall Festival every year with games, bounce houses, slides, and more!

Abby liked the clowns! 
Amelia &Adam

Sidney was Bell
 Lilly, Kiara, and Sissy were Pink Ladies!

Too cute! 
It was a ton of fun! 
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