Friday, July 24, 2015

Alex's First Christmas

Brooke came over to celebrate with us.

She gave Alyssa some Beatles Glasses!What a perfect Sissy gift! 

Alyssa gave Alex a Hobbs doll.I can believe that was as big as him.

He had on his "First Christmas" Santa Outfit that I got him!!!!

More gifts!

Grandpa got to hold the baby!! So sweet!

Then I gave Alex his Christmas gift!

I made him a QUILT!!
A giraffe quilt for a special Mongiovi Boy! 

The next day we headed over to Noni & Papa's house.

Abby got to hold Alex!

She was so excited!

Kirin is so cute! 
She would kill me if she saw this picture! LOL

Stephen and Brooke were given a devotional that was really cool!

We picked names this year and Jason was lucky enough to get me to buy for him.
He was blessed to get some "Adult Underwear" from Goodwill for $.99! 
Lucky Guy! 

The guys decided to try a ton of different Whiskeys. So crazy!

Noni got some PRINCESS HOUSE!! 

Look Noni made Alex an afgan! 

Grandpa Detto got a Weather teller. If its wet its raining, if its warm its hot out, etc. 

Jason and Corinne got a...



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