Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Finishing up Virginia!! Smithsonian

We had so much fun at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History!

The animals were preserved beautifully!

We even got our souvenir pressed penny! 

The work that they are doing to preserve artifacts is simply amazing.

We decided to walk around some more, but ultimately we were exhausted!

This place was simply beautiful! 

The river! 
Heading home!

Look ...

I read a lot of books about this place.
It was real cool to see the signs. 

Funny name! 
On the way home we decided to stop for the night....

But there was no way that I was staying there. I was soooo tired, but I couldn't bear to sleep here. 
It smelled funny and the front desk clerk didn't know if they even had a "star rating". 
We climbed back into the car and Detto just drove the rest of the night!

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