Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Life update

Alyssa is really knowledgeable. 
This game has become a favorite for us! 
The NIV Bible Game! (Thanks Mom for passing it down.)

She is so cute! 

Look what my birthday breakfast meal was...
My kids are so.... thoughtful?!?!?!

Our neighbors invited us over for dinner in October. We didn't know what to expect and there is no way that we would have expected this.The served us on banana tree leaves on the floor. 

Gigi, Carl, Sharon, & Detto -

They were dressed in traditional Indian clothing and they all served us on the floor.

This was a festival of some sort and we arrived after church, so we missed the games that they had for the kids.

It was very different to experience.
The food was really good and some was EXTREMELY spicy. 
It was all vegetarian. 
Everyone was so welcoming and they all looked beautiful. 

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