Sunday, July 12, 2015

Detto is not indestructible! Who Knew?

Well, Detto & I headed to Tampa for one of his drill weekends. 
I was so excited that I was able to go with him.
and then...During his PT test he stepped in a hole.
 Poor guy kept running to finish the test.He said his ankle hurt, but thought he had simply sprained it. As the day went on it didn't feel any better. I told him that it wouldn't hurt to get it checked out. 
So... off to the base hospital we went!

They took some X-Rays, gave him crutches and ibuprofen and sent him back to work! (So thoughtful right?) The Dr said they would call him if anything was broken. As soon as we left the base the cell phone rang! 
Come back please - Your leg is broken! 

So, they found a boot and it was official - Broken Fibula! 

So we had to take it easy! We headed out to dinner! I'm so glad that I was there because he couldn't do ANYTHING!! Poor guy!

We relaxed and watched the sunset while we ate dinner.

Then that night I built a small fire in our room fireplace!I love having a real fire!

Unfortunately, I missed Brooke's Diaper/Baby Shower, but I couldn't leave Mr. Crutches!
I'm just glad that I was already in Tampa and didn't have to drop everything to head down there to help him! 

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