Friday, July 31, 2015

Villages Quilt Show ~ Feb 2015 ~ Part 2

I love the annual antique display at the show. So pretty!
This year Amy and I went together! 

In this quilt each block was hand embroidered. I took the close up so you could see the details!! 

Embroidered Snowmen!

This quilt enthralled Amy and I! Each block represents a life event! Births, Graduations, Marriages, Anniversaries, and even Deaths! 
It was very moving!

This took the maker over 50 years to make this 

Antique Mini or 

This jacket made us giggle!

Here is Amy checking out a Grandma's Flower Garden Hexi!

I love that more people are using black as a negative space!

OMG, these are the Downton Abbey Fabrics!!!
I love how simple the blocks are, but how GREAT it looks! Setting it on point MAKES this quilt!

 This quilt makes me think of Alex!! 

More to come tomorrow! 

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