Sunday, June 24, 2012

Simply Stringy Quilts ~ Process Pledge Update

I have been working on a new way to use up all of my scraps. 
I started searching the web for inspiration and stumbled on this. 
Bonnie Hunter calls this "string piecing". 
The thought is that these pieces of fabric are to small to be strips or scraps, they are just strings left over from other projects. 
I started with this...
 My basket of strings.

Then I sewed a bunch of my "strings" together and cut them into 5 inch lengths 
 and sewed those into one long line.

I made a tube out of that and then I got out my...
Super Triangle Rulerand I started cutting!

I ended up with a whole stack of these...

Then I ironed them out and placed them up on my design wall. The problem is that I can't decide how I want the finished quilt to be...

There are lots of ways to lay them out! 
What do you think I should do??

With all of our "Staycation" time in the car, I have been working on my cross stitching project. 
It's coming along.I am LOVING working on this. I have found myself enjoying hand sewing more and more. 
I think I might even hand quilt next!!

My Orange Squares Quilt has been coming along. I have the nine main blocks squared us and sewn together. After playing around with some more fabric scraps, I have come up with some ideas for a few borders. I think this will be finished quickly!


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