Thursday, June 7, 2012

Amish Heartland Tour - Holmes County, Ohio

The Amish Heartland Bus tour was AWESOME!! 
We learned so much about the Amish. 
The countryside and farmland was so beautiful. 
This is a phone shed that the Amish use.

This is one of the oldest homes around. This has an old Slate Tile roof. I think it was built in 1800's. 

This is a church bench wagon.The Amish have church services in their homes. They bring wagons to each home. They also store their hymnals in the little door on the wagon. 

I love the way the farms look.

This is an Amish Cemetery. 
They do not put flowers on the graves. They also never visit the graves outside of a burial. 
They believe in visiting with people only when they are alive. 

They also dig their graves by hand & shovel, no machines.
They bury their dead in pine boxes and put them in a 4ft deep by 3 ft wide hole. 

All of their cemeteries are on a hillside to prevent flooding. 

I love the look of the hay bales.

I love this little bridge over the creek dividing the house and barn. Too Cute! 

This is a watering troth on the side of the road. Notice the small cup on a string. That is for the people. Sharing with the animal... yum!

I love all of these martin boxes.They eat the bugs around the house and garden. In the winter they bring the boxes down to prevent other birds from building nests in them. The same purple martins come back year after year!

Little Family!

This is an ice house. They cannot run electric to their homes, so they rent storage buildings from "English" neighbors to keep their frozen foods. This shed has 3 deep freezers in it! 

This is a chicken farm. 
They raise broiler hens and sell them.

This driveway is a Swartzentruber drive. 
The Swartzentrubers are the strictest form of Amish.You can see the paved "Englisher" driveway next to it. Can you see the man walking?

The quilt shop is in their home!

See the family hooking up the buggy...

We walked through this Amish Kitchen to get to the quilt store. Everything was from another era. It felt like we were at a "live history" museum.

This is what they use to cut the hay.

This guy was cutting the hay in the fields with his team of horses.

I thought this was cool. This guy was plowing in his front yard to plant a garden.

See these swans with their little babies...

This is an Amish grocery store. 

I thought this picture of the mom and baby was adorable!

Heading home from the store.

This boy looked like he was maybe 12 or 13 years old!

Another church wagon. Notice this one has metal wheels. That means it is a Swartzentruber wagon. They do not use rubber tires. 

We also stopped by this house...

When we pulled up there were several Amish children playing in the yard and garden area.

They showed us the basket shop.

I was shocked to find out that the children helped make the baskets.

This is one of the stoves that they use to heat up the water to wash their clothes.

This is what they use to do their laundry. Tubs and an old hand crank washing machine. 

The baskets that they make are just beautiful!

I thought it was neat to see some of their farm equipment in the side yard! 

As we were leaving, the children all ran to the fence to wave goodbye. They were all so nice and sweet. 

Lisa & I in the van!

We really enjoyed our Amish Heartland Tour! 


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