Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 2 Part 2 ~ Kennedy Space Center ~ Staycation

While waiting in line to catch the bus to the next stop, Detto & Stephen started "playing around". 
Boys are so crazy!

I was shocked to find out thatthe stars on this flag are 6 ft tall. This flag is HUGE!!

We spotted some gators in the canals along the bus tour.The non-Floridians were flipping out. 
It was making me laugh. 

The shows were REALLY COOL! This is the actual stations from the first launches Mission Control!

This show was very well done.

We were amazed at how big the rockets were.

It was neat being in the room with so much history.

We spent so much time reading all of the info on all of the different rockets, ships, engines, etc. 

Every mission was represented.

The evolution of the space suits was also neat.

The cockpit of one of the ships. 
One of the highlights for me was "Touching the Moon"!!!We got to touch a rock brought back from the Moon!

We stopped for lunch and then went to another show!

 According to NASA's Website Kennedy Space Center has over 140,000 acres!! 
Kennedy is located on a barrier island, called Merritt Island, about 34 miles long and varying in width from five to 10 miles. The total land and water area covers just over 140,000 acres, however, only 6,000 acres are actually used for space shuttle operations. 

It was so pretty. The views of the water and land were amazing.  
It is also a National Wildlife Refuge.Do you see the Bald Eagles Nest in the tree??
According to our tour guide the nest is the size of a King Size Mattress and weighs around 700 lbs.
I had to look up his facts and I found this: 

  So I guess he was right!

We decided there was so much to see and it was too much to cover in one day. 
We watched only one of the IMAX movies in 3D and we wanted more. 
We didn't even cover half of the park 
We stayed until 30 mins before they closed, so... 

We got the year passes. 
With our Military discount it was still less than a one day admission! 
We are so blessed! 


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