Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just Keep Sewing...

I have been steadily working on my scrap bin. 
I am determined to make lots of quilts out of my scraps. 
Here is one that I threw on the design wall to see if I liked it... and I do like it! 

Here is an update of my other scrap quilt that I am working on. The blocks are growing and growing.
Soon I will have them big enough to square up and make a top out of. 
I have been using my scrappy strips for this, but the bin doesn't seem to be shrinking. 
This is always a GREAT leaders and enders project. 

I have also decided to work on some cross-stitching.I found a pattern at Wal-mart (of all places right?) and I have been working on this in the car and while "watching movies or TV". 

Here is my quilt top finished. I like that all of the columns are pretty close to being the same size. This quilt top reminds me of a Chinese coin quilt pattern. 

Also, I saw this post and it inspired me to spruce up my body pillow. 
I had this fabric mostly sewn together in my scrap bin from a purse that I made over two years ago.   
All that I had to do was change the pattern to fit my style (I didn't want tie's on both ends and I didn't want the fabric to be multiple sizes.) & voila.... I have a new body pillow cover. 
Now I can enjoy cuddling to my Moda fabric at night (in my bed) and during the day (in my sewing room). 


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