Friday, June 29, 2012

Nine Patch Quilt-A-Long Tutorial

I have been trying to find new ways to use up my scraps & make fun quilts for my Quilted Hugs Project!

Today I counted and so far I have 13 finished Quilts!!
I also have 18 finished quilt tops!
That makes a total of 31 quilts! WOW! I cannot believe that I have made so many already.
Go me!

After finishing sewing the binding on my last few quilts today I decided to find a way to use more scraps and make some more quilt tops.
I have enough fabric to make another Stringy Quilt.
Those come together soooo fast!

I like changing things up. I can not seem to make more than two quilts in any one pattern or method  before it just seems boring.

I decided to do a Quilt-A-Long (QAL).
I have tons of strips of fabric in my scrap basket and they seem to be constantly multiplying.
I don't like to use any strips larger than 3 inches, so those tend to sit on the bottom of the basket and just get in my way.
I decided to pull them out and see how many I had.
I was very surprised that I have sooo many large and long strips of fabric 3 inches wide or larger.

SEW... I decided to do a Nine Patch-A-Day QAL!
These are so easy and it's not hard to make one nine patch per day.

The fun will start on July 5th!
That gives you a week to get your fabric together, match up fabrics, cut any scraps to the required size, etc. (Note: If you have a jelly roll feel free to use that. Your blocks will finish a little smaller, but it will still turn out GREAT!!)

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make a nine patch for our QAL...

Materials Needed:
Aprox 3 yards of
Scrap fabric 3 inches by at least 18 inches long
(You can also use a jelly roll and your blocks will turn out smaller. Just make sure to cut your pieces
 2 1/2 inches wherever it says to cut 3 inches in the tutorial.)

1. Sew strips aprox. 9 inches down the length of the fabric, right sides together.

You should end up with this. 

2. Cut sewn strip into Three 3 inch sections.

3. Out of the remaining fabric cut two 3 inch squares out of fabric A and one 3 inch square out of fabric B

4. Sew the 3 inch squares onto your pieces making three alternating sections. (See picture above)

5. Press seams towards the darker fabric.

6. Sew the three sections together to make a nine patch block. Make sure to match your seams.
7. Press open seams.

Your yield should be one nine patch block that finishes at 7 3/4. 

I am going to make one block per day for the next 36 days.
That will give me enough blocks to make a nice lap quilt for my Quilted Hugs Project!

Please join me and leave a comment to let me know that you are playing along.
I would love to see your progress so please follow my blog and then post about this fun Nine Patch QAL!!

I will post soon about how to turn these blocks into a quilt top.

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