Monday, June 18, 2012

Free Kindle Quilting Book on Amazon

While browsing through Amazons Kindle Books I found this:
I have not read it yet, but I was excited to see that it was FREE!!   One reviewer said that it is a good read if "Quilt History " is your thing.... Well, guess what?  I am TOTALLY into quilting history!! 
It was free when I got it, check and make sure it is still free when you go to get it.  

Book Review:


Fans of quilt history are going to be retiring their well-thumbed copies of Marie Webster's 1915 classic "Quilts" and replacing them with this new and improved edition.... Rosalind Webster Perry has reprinted the text and photos, adding fond family insight into how Webster came to be both America's first quilt authority and an influential designer. We always enjoy a two-generation quilt, where a granddaughter finishes up a set of family blocks. Here we have a parallel in print. Rosalind Perry is to be congratulated on the care she has taken to carry on her grandmother's legacy. -- Barbara Brackman, Quilter's Newsletter Magazine

Marie Webster is one of the legendary figures in the history of quiltmaking. She was an avid investigator who searched out unusual quilts, lectured about them, wrote about them and motivated many people to participate in the quilt revival of the early 1900s. She set a standard for fine design and excellent craftsmanship that changed the direction of 20th century quiltmaking.... Rosalind Webster Perry has provided today's readers with a new edition of "Quilts" and a delightful biography of its author... -- Bets Ramsey, The Chattanooga Times

The research that went into this book, published by Doubleday in 1915, still stands today as useful and interesting. Any quilter interested in the history or in pre-1930 patterns will want to add this book to their shelves. -- Lady's Circle Patchwork Quilts

From the Publisher

This edition of Marie Webster's Quilts: Their Story and How To Make Them celebrates the 75th anniversary of the publication of America's first quilt book. This Practical Patchwork edition is unique because it includes all the text and color illustrations of the first edition, plus many additional photos, as well as a biography of Marie Webster, notes, index and bibliography, all at a very reasonable price. This is a classic that belongs in every quilt lover's library.
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