Saturday, June 9, 2012

Eating In Amish Country and more...

These people sure do know how to cook! 
I don't think I have eaten this much food since....Well, I don't know! 

Lisa and I ate at Mrs. Yoders Kitchen! 
We sure did enjoy the buffet.

I thought it was really cool to see Amish Girls

And Amish Boys eating there too!

After we left we headed out to find some more quilt shops!

We stopped at two of them, but they were both closed. 
So...We went to the

I loved seeing all of the Amish Stuff and learning more about their lives and traditions.

I LOVED the quilts! 

They were sooooo beautiful! 

We even got to try on their hats... 
They call them Prayer Kapps (pronounced cop).

Hee hee hee

I liked the straw hat too! 

After we were done shopping and playing, we decided it was time to get back on the road and finish our trip. We headed to go pick up Ronnie's Mom. 

This is Ohio's Longest Covered Bridge. 

We tried to drive on it, but it was closed. 

This is getting back to the main road.

As we were heading out of Amish Country we spotted this bakery from the road. So... we stopped to check it out! 

A small family ran it. Some of the cousins helped with the canning. 

All of the pies, bread, and goodies were baked that morning. 

It poured rain after we left the bakery. As soon as the deluge stopped we saw this rainbow!

It looked so much prettier in person! 

Look at this sign... isn't it cute?

Sunsets are so BEAUTIFUL! 
They change every second! 


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