Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Adventures in Amish Country OHIO - Amish Buggy Ride!

Lisa and I arrived in Berlin, Ohio and our FIRST STOP was this craft/quilt shop!!

The stuff was REALLY cute! 

Then we headed over to another quilt shop... 
The quilts here were HUGE and very beautiful!

They also had a wood shop next door. 

... but back to the quilt shop...We went through most of the quilts looking for one we could afford to buy, but...

Why buy one when you can make one?

They have this one as a raffle quilt! 
Hopefully I win it! LOL 
This was building is the oldest building in Berlin! 

After the quilt shops Lisa & I decided to take a buggy ride.We were soooo excited that we were going to ride in a REAL AMISH BUGGY!

We had to get our pictures with the Amish Man! 
He was soooo nice. He took us on a 1 1/2 hour buggy ride. He told us all about the Amish and even gave us one of their AMISH ONLY newspapers! 
Hoot Hoot!  

He is Old Order Amish and his name is John Erb! 

We went all over the Amish Country side and he gave us the "inside scoop"! 

This is what we saw...
This cemetery was beautiful. I loved how green the grass was and the cloudy backdrop was PERFECT!  

This is an Amish home in town. I liked that they had a hitching post out front! LOL

Another Amish Home! This house is the oldest in the area... I think. 

This place was cool. This is a local inn that made a quilt block pattern out of their flowers! 
This whole buggy ride was so enjoyable! 

The homes are all so lovely! 

Chicken coop!

These are horse hitching wagons. There was a wedding at this farm the day before. Our guide explained that they would tie the horses to these wagons and they would be able to stand and eat hay. Neato!

This is their little one room school house.  Amish children attend school from the 1st through the 8th grade and then they go to work! 


It was so neat ridding in a buggy and watching buggies go by! 
Buggies are actually louder than I expected - chains rattling, wheels making noises, and of course the horses hooves clopping away.

Here is John showing us their paper!

Another School house. 
They have one school per church district. A church district consists of about 30-35 Amish Families!

Their gardens are so pretty. 

This was our Amish Buggy ride. 
I will post more pictures soon! 


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