Monday, June 11, 2012

Our Amish Breakfast

I took two camera's with me to Ohio and I just realized that I did not post ANY of the pictures from Camera #2. 
So... Here they are...

This is where we stayed. 
This is the view. I didn't care about taking a picture of the hotel, just the views. 

The view from our window.

This is the lobby...Isn't the fireplace pretty?

I could not believe that they had a BEAR hanging on the wall. 

I love this staircase.

We had a YUMMY hot breakfast in the dining room. 

I loved watching the ducks.

This place was so pretty.

Lisa and I had to take a closer look.

Lisa pretended to feed them and they all came running. 

This momma duck and her two babies were so mad at us. I am not sure why she was so mad.... giggle, giggle


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