Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Amish Heartland ~ Eating out & More!

Lisa and I enjoyed exploring Berlin, Ohio. We were amazed every time someone walked by in plain clothes. We were like little school girls giddy with excitement that we were "really there"!

We went to dinner at this Amish owned and run restaurant!

The Amish to "Englisher" ratio was about 50/50!
Both Lisa and I were FREEZING!! Notice everyone behind Lisa has on Jackets and sweaters...

But not us FLORIDA girls! 
We FROZE our butts off when the temps dropped to 55 degrees!

They served us Amish Homemade BREAD!! 
It was all sooooooooo yummy!

I had chopped sirloin, baked sweet potato fries, and FRESH Garden grown green beans! 

Lisa had Pan Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, & some of those YUMMY green beans!
One funny thing that happened at the restaurant was when I decided to try the jar of "BBQ sauce" & the jar of "mustard". The bottles were dark burgundy (like BBQ sauce) & yellowish brown (like Dijon mustard).... well, the joke was on me. Thankfully, I put it on the SIDE of my plate to try it. It was really fresh made Apple Butter & Peanut Butter! I have never had those two items next to the salt, pepper and Ketchup in any restaurant! LOL We were cracking up when the waitress told us what it was!   

After Dinner we went to find the Inn we were staying at. 
It was quiet lovely with the quilts on the beds! 
It was in the middle of pastures and Amish Farmlands! 

After breakfast.... we went for a drive!

This is an Amish Courting Buggy! So sweet!

Corn Crib

We stopped at a bakery...

We were OVERWHELMED with the items. 
EVERYTHING was made that morning! 

Lisa has a "soft spot" for bread! LOL

I thought these names were hilarious! 

I had to try the yogurt.... It was AWESOME!

I loved all of the fresh canned jars of goodies! 

Outside they had fresh fruits and veggies from their gardens! 
And TONS of plants for sale!

We continued down the road... 
This is what we saw ~

We had to stop and see these glass quilting blocks! 

 We booked a bus tour to see the Amish Heartland!
We met up at the local Flea Market...

I will continue the
"Amisher-land" tour...


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