Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More Quilting Progress

Well, I finally finished a few quilt tops! 
I was very pleased to get them done. 
I get such a great sense of accomplishment whenever I finish a quilt top.

I have been hand embroidering this block. I finished a few more books. Only one more to go and then I am done with this block! 

I pulled this quilt out of my closet and added this soft green border. I really like the size of it. Its not too big, but not too small.

This Spring Quilt is coming along GREAT! 
Only one more border and then it is ready to go to the Longarmers. 
I want this quilt to have an intricate pattern. 
I can not wait to see it finished!

Here is the last border cut and ready to be sewn on.

And finally it is finished! I just LOVE it! 
What do you think?

Here are some flannel squares that I cut.I cut them into 7" squares. I have two sets, one boy and one girl set. 
I also cut a bunch of 10" squares out of girl fabric. 
I am thrilled that all of this is from my stash. 
I am really cutting down my bins of stored fabric. I am glad because I do not want to end up like the lady who's fabric was sold at the church. (I posed about it here.)

When I stopped sewing to check something on the computer I found Jackson hiding under the desk. 
I love that he comes in the sewing room while I am sewing. He is so cute! 

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