Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Getaway to Charleston, SC ~ Part 4

We walked everywhere on this trip. 
I honestly think that is the only way to truly see this town.

Driving we would not have noticed this gate with the double fish.

Or the detail on the sign of this old movie theater.

I thought this was an interesting item to place in a store window. Isn't that just neat?

I might have to adopt this quote as my own!

Look at this old postage machine that I found in the store we stopped in. 
Do you remember buying stamps from one of these?

Detto forgot his deodorant, so we needed to stop at this "General Store"!
It was really cute, but WAY overpriced!
Very Quaint!

While walking we also found a small bookstore...The books in the front window had me CRACKIN' UP!

 So, we went inside and found this...
How romantically Shabby Chic!
I was also surprised to find a few quilts.

 This quilt is made from recycled Indian Silk Saris! I love how they made it into a patchwork.  

The Churches and Steeples here were just amazing. 

I thought it was interesting to see "Dave Ramsay's" house! LOL

Many, Many, Many homes had plaques telling about this history of the home or owners. 

We had to stop and find out about the Gullah baskets. 
I bought some sweet grass roses from her and she told us about the Gullah / Geecci History.

To be continued...

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