Friday, May 25, 2012

Things are changing around here

Has anyone noticed that my name for my blog has changed???

Everything has been going pretty good. 
I have been listing tons of HOMESCHOOL books on eBay and Amazon!

Alyssa has decided that she wants to go to "REAL" school next year and so I am cleaning off the shelves. 
I figured out that I have home-schooled my kids a combined number 9 years!
Only 5 years consecutively. 
Silly me I have been telling people that I have been homeschooling for longer, but when I sat down and counted I found out it was only 5 consecutive years! 
Huh.... Who Knew?

Abby spent some time over here with us, but I will write more about that later. 

I just love my kitty. Jasmine loves to sit here in the front window. She sits there so much that when she gets up the cushion is still indented.

Today I made some yummy treats for Memorial Day weekend. I made Key Lime Pie with homemade whipped cream! 

Chocolate Ice Cream.
After I started making our own ice cream, I just don't like store bought ice cream as much!

Here are the quilts that I have been working on/ finishing up!

I quilted both of these! 
Yippy for me! 

This one is still just an idea forming! 
It is a panel that I picked up for only $2!! 
It is still speaking to me, so I will tell you what it says! 

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