Sunday, May 6, 2012

Guess who I spend time with??

Amy and Charlie blessed me by allowing me to watch their precious Angel
They went away on a cruise and left the little one with me!! 

I did not have time to blog, well I didn't make time to blog! 
I spent most of my time chasing Abby or Sewing! 
Here she is escaping from her crib.She can climb out even if it isn't near my bed. LOL

When I was sewing in the evening I was blessed to have a buddy!Abby was so tired, but not ready for bed, so...
I held her. She just wanted to sit with me, but I did not want to just sit and watch a movie, so we sewed. 

She was happy with the arrangement! 

Do you see what she is holding?
This is my eye-spy kids quilt that I made for any little ones that come over. 
She calls it "Abby quilt"

Abby LOVES the guitar. She loves that the kids play guitar and she wanted "Abby Turn"!

So she brought it to Sissy to show her. I was cracking up!

Here she tried to play guitar with Stephen! 

She kept bringing the kids guitars!

I love it!

Another great Abby pastime was standing at the railing and YELLING to whoever was downstairs, or even in another room. 
She just thought it was hilarious to scream "Sissy", "Steeby", or "Seesa"!
 Even after we would answer her and even come to her she would then yell at the kitty or Jackson, or just keep yelling our names and laugh! 

Hanging out with Abby was GREAT fun! 
I will post more pictures soon! 

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