Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Friday Night Sew In

Thankfully, Lisa came over to sew with me on Friday Night! 
I finished this quilt top right away. 
I only had to add the borders.

I had whipped these blocks together and I saw a picture that I thought would make a fun layout.
Sometimes not using a pattern makes quilts turn out different than what you picture in your head. 
Lisa had several projects that she was working on. 

I just love using my new iron!

So this is what my first layout idea was.

This was idea #2.

And finally, idea #3.

The center didn't change, just the outside border.
So, once I picked a design I started squaring up the blocks so I could put it all together. 

I really like how it was turning out.

Lisa was having too much fun with my camera! LOL

It is actually nice to have people in the pictures. Lisa was working on her Jelly Roll Quilt!

I decided to add another border.

Here is Lisa when she was almost done with her Jelly Roll Quilt!

And finally,Her finished quilt top.
I love how quick and easy it was for her to make this. I plan to use some of my jelly rolls to make one too!  
And what is a sewing night without a new quilt idea...

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