Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Charleston, SC Part 3

I could just go on and on about all of the GREAT buildings in Charleston, but I decided to show you some! 

Detto and I loved it all!

This Gate just blew my mind! 

For dinner we went here!

I love the name... SNOB! I really enjoyed the food!

We sat at the Chef's table and we got to watch the cooks!
Detto and I both like sitting at the Chef's table. SNOB also had books about the area on the tables. It was a really cool idea. It made the time pass much more quickly! I liked some of the books so much I added them to my Amazon Wish List! 
Bruschetta with Buffalo Mozzarella!

I am so blessed! My hubby is so CUTE!! 
I had stuffed Quail! 
It was very yummy!

Detto had Steak!

After dinner we walked around the town and enjoyed the weather. I had to take this picture because of the security guard! He looked so real, but do you notice the board he is standing on??
He's nailed to it! LOL

We walked down to the water and watched a boat come it. 
I love looking at the city lights at night. I think I must get that from my Grandma. 
Here is the boat!

You can barely see us, especially Detto (lol), but we really enjoyed ourselves!

To be continued...


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