Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Taking Rudy Home to her final resting place in Jesup, GA

Over the weekend we all jumped into the car and headed to Georgia.
This was the weekend to take Rudy home to her final resting place next to her father in Jesup, Ga!

Check out this cool Studebaker we saw on the road.

They probably thought we were stalkers because we too several pictures of their car! LOL

It took us 5 hours to make it back to Nana's Family home...

The Horton side of the family all gathered together at the cemetery to place Rudy beside her father. 
(Don't worry we called the cemetery ahead of time to find out if it was OK to place Rudy's ashes on her fathers grave!)

We brought along pictures of Rudy, Flowers for the grave, the "Rudy Scrapbook", and of course her baby!

Nana opened with prayer, then I read Psalms 138 & 139, and we ended with sharing stories about Rudy and looking at pictures of the family and Rudy in the scrapbook.

Here is Uncle Jimmy looking at the scrapbook.

It was very small and understated, but it was perfect for Rudy.

Ora (aka Nana) & her brother Jimmy Horton!

Here is a picture of all of the friends and family who came to say good-bye to Rudy.
Well, everyone that was there when I took the picture. A few more showed up after this picture was taken; and of course I was not in the photo!

Bruce lovingly placed Rudy

in her final resting place.

It was right where she belonged.

Beside her fathers grave.

Nana and several other family members each shoveled a scoop of dirt on Rudy's remains. 
This was such good closure for everyone.

Then there were flowers put over Rudy. 

This is to remember Rudy and her Father - Tracy Horton.

It was neat watching Cousin Vera check out other friends & family members who are all buried nearby. It was a blessing to see that there are so many buried right there!

Before we headed home we checked out Nana's old stompin' grounds...
Jesup, Georgia!

The court house was stately.

She was telling the kids how when she used to go to the movies it was segregated. She had to sit up in the balcony with her friends.

This is the old "Corner Store". 
Literally, on the corner of the road!

City Hall

This church was on a road with nothing but other churches! I do not know why it was not called "Church Street"!

Here are all of the steeples!

Look at the stained glass.

What a beautiful town.

Nana was blown away at how much had changed. Roads were different, building were missing, and old stores were closed down and new ones were in their place. It is amazing how much a city changes over only 20 years. 

Check out how Jackson rode home. It doesn't look comfy for me to have my face in the steering wheel, but he thought so. He fell asleep like this! 
Silly Boy! 


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