Sunday, May 13, 2012

Quilting Update ~ Process Pledge!

I have been working with my flannel scraps lately. 

I separated all of my girly fabrics and all of my boy fabrics and cut them into squares.

I was surprised at how many Rag Top Quilts that I was able to make with my scrap flannel.This one is made of 10 inch Squares.

This is a 2nd Rag Top made out of 10 inch Squares.

I was also able to whip together two out of 7 inch Squares!

Now all I need to do is cut the fringe.

My roses are doing so good!This is from my "Abraham Lincoln Roses" bush. 

I LOVE these pale yellow roses.

These are my "Queen Elizabeth Roses"!

I love that this rose bush has three different colored roses growing on the same bush. 
When I bought the bush it just said "Fragrant Tea Roses"!


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