Sunday, May 27, 2012

Graveyards in Charleston

This town was so beautiful. 

I loved the architecture. It was so detailed.

I could not help peaking into gardens and snapping pictures.

I am so blessed!

Detto and I ordered what each restaurant was "known" for! We were not disappointed. 
This was fried green tomato and eggs benedict. 

I love this picture. 

Of course I want this case! LOL

I tried a peach martini!It was really good!

These pears with goat cheese cream were heavenly!

And we found a place that served REAL GELATO!! 
I was shocked! It was so yummy!
On our last day in town we went on a walking tour.

I loved the history.

The graveyards were AWESOME! 

I love the details on the old headstones. 

His and Hers

This one was hit by rounds during the civil war.You can see where it was repaired. 

This is the old powder magazine.It is the oldest building in Charleston!


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