Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

My Mom's Birthday is actually Cinco de Mayo!! 
Can you believe it?
We have an actual reason to celebrate on Cinco de Mayo! 

We got together with my Mom & Dad...and celebrated after the fact, but we all had Margarita's to make it feel like Cinco de Mayo! 

I had a Peach Margarita! It was really Yummy!

We enjoyed Spanish food,and non-Spanish family!

Detto looks like he was enjoying himself! 

I have no idea why we were making faces, but we did! 

They even brought Mom a sombrero to wear!

We enjoyed watching her try and tell them that it was not her birthday! No one believed her! 

Here we all are! 
We took LOTS of pictures (not sure why), but I only added a few good ones! 
Well, and not so good ones!

Happy Birthday Mom! 


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