Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fun Watching Abby!!

I do not think that "Terrible Two's" are so terrible!
I had tons of fun watching Abby get into EVERYTHING! 

She loves playing with cars!

It was really cute watching her take them out play with a few, then put them back, move them around, and then take them out again!
She is so detail oriented.

She loved cleaning up and knew where everything "should go"! No matter where we thought something should go... Abby knew best!

She brought the cars into Stephens room and then started getting into stuff. She would run in his room, grab something, laugh, and run out of the room!
She made us all crack up!

Nana stopped by for a visit.When it was time for Nana to go, both Abby & Jackson jumped into her car!
Abby said "Abby go bye bye Nana."

Nothing was going to distract Abby from her goal of ridding in Nana's car.

So we strapped her into the car seat in the back and she started laughing (it was more of a "I just Won this battle" chuckle).

Abby and Jackson said bye-bye and Nana drove her around my circle once. When she started to pull in the drive way Abby knew where she was and said "Abby go bye-bye". So, Nana drove around the circle two more times. Thankfully, that satisfied Abby! She is so adorable!

As much as Abby tortured Jackson I would have thought that he would have steered clear, but he is a glutton for punishment! 

She loves to color!

Ready for a nap!
She is such a JOY to be around! 


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