Thursday, March 24, 2016

Visiting the Esperanza Boys Home

After working all day at the Agape Girls Home, we headed over to one of the Boys homes for dinner! 
The kids enjoyed playing soccer (football en Español) while the adults looked on and chatted! 

Inside Linda Paul started setting up her loot!  She brought all sorts of games and gifts for the boys! 

She organized a car race! The boys all got to keep their cars, but the winner of the race received a prize! 

They took this racing thing seriously!! 

Linda had her hands full! 

Look....It's me and Jessica! 

and Mom! 

These boys definitely stole some hearts! 

After dinner we went to check out the boys rooms! They were excited to  show us their toys. Most of the boys only had one or two toys. They were very proud of their things and wanted me to take pictures of everything! LOL

Here Edwardo showed off his stuffed animal that he turned into his very own friend! So sweet! 

He was also proud to show off his artwork! He is a good little artist! 

The older boys were so sweet...A little too sweet to our teens! LOL

Then...The boys started being boys! 

They were so cute! Laughing and rolling around on the floor! 

Then the boys challenged our girls to an arm wrestling competition!  

They were taking this serious!! LOL

Then the girls decided to arm wrestle each other! Now this was funny! 

These boys were so sweet! I pray that they grow up to be Godly men! 

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