Friday, April 22, 2016

The Cathedral of the Capital City ~ Catholic Church, Mexico City ~ Part 1

 While in Mexico City we visited The Cathedral of  Mexico City. 
This is the Oldest and largest Catholic Church in Latin America. 
The Square that it is in has the Presidential Palace and the Set for the New James Bond movie. 

This is the Church! 

There was a man outside playing a ...Music Box! 

This church was amazing!

It has been sinking. They had glass covered areas showing where the entrance to the church has sunken.
They have to build up the foundation to keep it from doing any more damage. 

Another building in the square.

Here is a shot into where the original steps were. 

The details in this place were sooo ornate. 

They were actually having a service in one area of the church. 

This place was so huge that they could have been holding 5-6 difference services and no one would be disturbed. 

This is the pipe organ in the church. 
I have never seen one so big! 

We even found a penny press.

I love it! 

More pictures of the pipe organ (behind the bars).

I will show more pictures of the church later! 
I took way too many to put in just one post! 

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