Sunday, April 24, 2016

Presidential Palace ~ Mexico City ~Site seeing!

Another picture of the Square.

Here's the Presidential Palace!

Crazy Woman!

Here are the taxi's, there are bike taxis!

The church!

Here are some more pictures of the ruins next to the church! 

These ruins are HUGE!!

Man Selling Hats! 

We went to the Presidential Palace and were able to learn more about the history of their capital city. 

The artwork and display of their history was amazing. 

Here's Mary!

This is by Diego Rivera. 
His art told the history of the country.

It was very sad, but also very strong.

These paintings were several stories tall. 


The Spanish invasion.

Their national symbol.

The spanish killing their people and their governmental figures. 

The civil war


His artwork went around the courtyard.

Me and Dad!! 

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