Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Princess House Farewell Dinner

Detto and I got ready for our fancy dinner and then we decided to walk around a little to get every minute we could enjoying this place. 

I thought this was an interesting picture representing the Hawaiian culture! 
Here we are at the big Princess House event!!

Lisa and Ronnie!

The Princess House girls!Lisa, Amy, and Me!

Besties - Always laughing at something!

I love this picture of us!

I am so blessed to have Lisa as a friend!

I thought it was cute that the napkins looked like little suits.

They announced that the next trip would be to Disney World!!Then we were all given mouse ears!

Lisa and Ronnie with their ears on!

Our dinner was so yummy!

Here we are with our ears on!

He's so crazy!

The food was so pretty! But not too pretty to ear! 

Surf and turf!
Detto and I snuck out during the presentation and he found a piano!
We decided to walk around and enjoy a quiet evening! 
After the delicious food we needed to move around!
So we got ice cream! 
It was a wonderful evening! 

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