Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Leaving Paradise

After a yummy breakfast of pineapple and chocolate donuts with bacon (Detto), we headed to the airport to start our long trek home!
The airport was a little different...

There were walkways outside...

Everything was out in the open!

The planes were right there!! WOW!

We were not used to this at all!

I couldn't believe that there were no walls or windows! Just open spaces!

We found some fun food!

I did some shopping and picked up some souveniers before we left!

I got a kick out of the bathroom signs!

We both had a WONDERFUL time, but we were happy to be heading home to our kids!

I loved seeing the island from the plane!

The water color was brilliant and we could even see some other islands!

We could see the places we visited including Hanamau Bay!

Good Bye Paradise!!
 I'm not sure if we will ever be back, but it was a wonderful trip!

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