Saturday, March 19, 2016

Short Term Missions Trip to Mexico

Here is a picture of the 13 people who were heading to MEXICO on our churches first - 
Short Term Missions Trip!

After months of organization!Planning, meetings, and fundraisers....

We were finally off.... We jumped in the church van, driven by Detto, at 4am and headed to the airport!! 

It was going to be a trip for the record books!

The youth were ready to go! 

I am glad that I got to sit with these lovelies! 

Stephen is so good at smiling for the camera! 

We were spread out on the plane...

The flight was thankfully uneventful! 

The smog was the first thing that I noticed when we started our decent. This place was packed with homes.

We flew into Mexico City!

Going through customs was.... fun!

After we were allowed in the country, we found the van that would take us to Nino's and I was able to snap a few pictures of the surrounding neighborhood.It was interesting that the roofs of the homes were covered in clothes, people, and storage!
 Before we could even leave the airport, we were stopped by the police. They said that we were not authorized to transport people in the van on Saturdays. LOL
They claimed that the church vans were actually taxis that were not paying the correct fee's and taxes! Sneaky - NOT!! They wanted Steve Ross, the Nino's director, to pay a bunch of $$ and then we could leave. Steve refused to pay, showing the correct paperwork proving that he was authorized to drive the van and that he was not running a taxi service. We hadn't even made it out of the airport and we were already in trouble. LOL
Finally, they gave up.Steve and GOD won this round! We didn't have to pay off the police and we were allowed to leave! 

We headed towards Texcoco!

There was an open air market that had tons of people, items, and even animals everywhere! 

Before we went to Nino's we headed to a church service. 
The church was very tiny. It was held in the back of a beauty parlor. 

There were approximately 60+ people worshiping in a room that was...maybe 20x15! 

We all found a spot and listened.

Everything was in Spanish, but you could feel the Spirit of Worship and the unified love! 

After service they held a welcome party and served jello and cake.
This little cutie and I played until I couldn't keep up!! 
When we finally got to Nino's I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by....
MY QUILTS!!! These were made when I was still working on my Quilted Hugs project! It was good to see some of them being used. I know quite a few of them were taken to some of the villages on the mountain, but it was nice that several of the rooms had my quilts in them! And these were from back in the day when I quilted on my home machine, not my longarm! 
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