Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Working at the Agape House Day 2 ~ STM Trip to Mexico

This is one of the active volcano's right near Nino's! There are two active volcano's. Because the area is so cloudy, it is hard to see them.  

In this picture you can see both volcano's.

Isn't God amazing?

Here we are all crammed into the van and heading to the Agape House to finish our different projects!

It's hard to see, but the kids are all in the very back of the van!

Here's another shot of the volcano.


So the first day of working we got a ton done, but on the second day we were determined to finish! 

We had the top half painted, the wall patched, the area's cleared, and we were ready to go!!!

The boys headed up on the roof to patch some spots.

They were ready and able! 

Let me just say, it gets VERY hot working on a roof in Mexico!

Mandy was soooo proud of what she and Mari Gaeta had accomplished! Look how big that wall is compared to Mandy!

This isn't even the whole wall!They did a GREAT JOB!! Only the bottom half needed to be painted! 

As I headed inside to help Linda and Jessica get set up painting the clinic area inside of the house, I decided to get some pictures of the grounds!

The girls help maintain the property. 

They have some playground equipment. 

Diane decided to jump on this monster task!
This wall had to be cleaned! 

She is so amazing! She didn't complain! 

Look at her go! 

We needed a paintbrush with an extension.Well, we didn't have one, so I improvised! 

I am so proud of my kids!They both worked so hard on this trip! 

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