Monday, March 21, 2016

A trip to the Fabric Store - Mexico Style!

That evening we took a trip to the local Walmart for the group to pick up snacks and other needed items. Janet and I headed to the fabric store to buy fabric for curtains. One the way, a guy jumped on the van and started washing the windows! 

It was kinda crazy!

This is what the fabric store looked like!

Lots of bright colors. There were NO, not one bolt of fabrics that were 100% cotton. I guess they use poly blends for their quilts. I was going to pick up a few yards for a souvenir, but I knew that I wouldn't use it if it was the right fabric!
Some of the kids homes don't have curtains and it is cheaper to make them then to buy them here. 
Pre-made/store bought curtains cost almost triple what you would pay in the USA.

On the way home I tried to get a picture of the sunset, but ...

I like this picture of the flags over the street and the sunset in the background.

Here is the Nino's compound.This is where we were based out of on our trip!

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