Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Pearl Harbor & USS Arizona Memorial

We saw parts of the ship that had been recovered.

This was a torpedo that was found.

I was amazed that it remained so intact.


This monument was beautiful!

I couldn't believe that the oil was still leaking from the sunken vessel. 

You could see parts of the ship in the water.

They said that some people think of the oil as the fallen seamen's tears. That made me cry.

It almost felt wrong to smile at this memorial. 

We could see the USS Arizona under us.

It was very hard to see the ship so close, yet know that they were unable to retrieve the fallen that were still entombed.
They told us about how the fellow shipmates have since requested to leave the fallen in the ship. They feel that it would be wrong to remove them after so many years. 

Here are the names of everyone who was lost that day.

As we were standing there listening to the audio tour, we saw a man who had been on the USS Arizona on that terrible day. He was handing out flowers to throw into the water for those who wanted to honor the fallen. 

This memorial was beautifully made.

We then boarded the ferry to head back...
The harbor is still very active.

Look at the size of this ship....
After that excursion both Detto and I were mentally drained.
I will post something more positive tomorrow. 

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