Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Agape House ~ STM Trip to Mexico

One thing our group learned quickly is that things in Mexico move at a difference pace than in the USA! 

We learned the hurry up and wait method! So Al decided to enjoy the tire swing! 

Our first project location site was at The Agape House which is an all girls home!This little bodega was right outside of the front gate! 

And this was about 150 feet away from the gate! 

I forgot to take a before picture, but our project was to patch and paint the 20+ feet walls around the Agape house compound. They have razor wire at the tops of the walls because they have had people try to climb over before! 

We were given gallons of paint, brushes, rollers, and ladders and told to get to work. 

We diveded up and started painting!Some inside of the compound and some outside!

It was right on the street with NO sidewalk.So we had cars passing by, people walking, and even riding bikes.

Our plan was to work here all day and then spend some time with the girls when they got home from school. 

My Mom made a video that was shown all around the USA to help raise supporters and funds for Nino's.We showed the girls the video went they got home from school.

They thought it was funny to see their friends and siblings. To them the video was normal and they struggled to understand why it was made.To the Americans who saw it, kids living on the streets and stealing to survive was not normal.

This was an interesting point that I had not even considered when I first saw the video. It was so moving. Watching a small boy's journey to finding a home a Nino's made me cry.

Our youth and Carmen decided to play some cards with the girls! I love how kids can just jump in and start playing together no matter what language they speak.

Carmen was very helpful in translating.
We had a lunch and then light dinner there with the girls. Our group thought that we were done eating for the day, little did we know that in Mexico they eat four meals a day. We had another meal yet to go. The kids were happy, but I was caught off guard! 

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